Waterview Dentistry is a family-oriented practice that uses the latest technology and techniques to maximize patient convenience, comfort and satisfaction. This commitment means we are equipped to deliver every service you and your family may need from restorative to reconstructive, periodontal and cosmetic dentistry. This comprehensive approach is also supported by our strong investment in the latest pain management and equipment sterilization technology. Our goal is to make every visit to our cheery office as pleasant and informative as possible.

Waterview Dentistry
Waterview Dentistry with Brenda Carey.
A big thank you to my Office Manager Brenda for all that she does! #administrativeday #waterviewdentistry
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Waterview Dentistry
Waterview Dentistry with Toni Blevins and 2 others.
2 of our favorite little patients. Big brother was hiding behind them being silly. Way to go Kelton and Maizie on being a part of our No Cavity Club! #nocavityclub #dancewithme #photobomb #waterviewdentistry #socialdental
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Our Goals list

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    Patient Satisfaction
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    Patient Comfort

Meet the Team users

  • Dr. Bill Chang DDS

    read more…Dr. Bill ChangDr. Chang is a different kind of dentist. Gentle, patient and caring, he takes the time to provide you with the best care possible. He is also well regarded by his patients for his thoroughness. Rather than being rushed, you know that he is there to serve your needs.
    Dr. Chang completed hundreds of hours of courses in postgraduate dentistry. He is dedicated to the newest advancements in cosmetic dentistry and keeps up-to-date with the latest technologies. He is frequently among the first dentist to perfect and use the newer, more advanced techniques and equipments.
    Dr. Chang has over 12 years of experience as a cosmetic dentist and has extensive training including sedation of adults and children. Advanced use of digital imaging enables early diagnosis of gum disease and cavities; and the use of sophisticated digital x-ray and intra-oral imaging means patients receive the best care possible.
    Dr. Chang is an outstanding member of the American Dental Association, Texas Dental Association, and the North Texas Dental Society.
    When Dr. Chang is not practicing his passion of cosmetic and family dentistry he spends most of his time with his lovely family. He is an avid martial artist and loves books.

  • Brenda Office Manager

    read more…BrendaI have been in the dental field since 1996. I started out as a chairside assistant but have worked the front desk as well. I met Dr. Chang in May of 2013 and worked alongside him as his chairside assistant in Flower Mound and followed him to McKinney when he opened his private practice. I have a wide range of duties here at Waterview Dentistry, from ordering supplies to hands on dentistry and everything in between.
    The best part of my job is of course the patients. The patients make my job fun and interesting. I have learned a lot from my patients over the years and take to heart their fears and worries. I love caring for my patients and making them happy because I believe everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile.

  • Adrienne Dental Hygienist

    read more…AdrienneI’ve been in the dental field for almost 20 years. I always had dental hygiene as a final goal, but started out assisting in Salt Lake City, where I am from, and really fell in love with dentistry.
    I attended Dental Hygiene school in the Seattle area. I was fortunate to learn how to administer local anesthetic as well as place white and silver fillings, along with all the other duties of a dental hygienist. I met my husband while there and he promptly moved me to Arizona after we were married and I graduated in 2001. I practiced in Arizona for several years, and then his job as a pilot brought us to Dallas in 2005. We added two beautiful daughters to our family, Brooklyn in 2006 and Michelle in 2009. In 2013 we had another job change that took us just outside of Washington DC for 18 months, but we fortunate to be transferred back to Texas.

  • Wendy Registered Dental Assistant

    read more…WendyWelcome to Waterview Dentistry! I’m excited to be a member of the team. I have 23 years of dental experience and still love it to this day! It’s a pleasure to work with Dr. Chang and my teammates who I consider my second family.
    As soon as you walk into our office, you will experience what I’m describing. There is a special bond between our office staff and our patients. Everyone here is so friendly, genuinely caring, and willing to help you with any questions, concerns, or fears you may have concerning dentistry.
    Our team is led by Dr. Bill Chang. I believe it is due to his deep compassion for people, patience, dedication, and detailed workmanship that he inspires his staff to follow in the reputation he has built this practice on.
    In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my two daughters, friends, and traveling.×

Services Provided layers

+ Veeners

Dental veneers are super thin, flexible porcelain liners designed to cover the front surface of any teeth that may be discolored or misshapen to improve its appearance. The liners bond to the teeth, changing their color, shape and size, and are more stain resistant than an actual resin tooth.

+ Teeth Whitening

In addition to white restorations, bonding, and veneers, teeth whitening is also available. Unlike store-bought whitening pastes, gels, and rinses, Dr. Chang offers powerful teeth whitening services that can brighten and whiten a smile substantially. Using prescription-strength bleaching products, teeth whitening administered by your dentist effectively lifts permanent stains that accumulate below tooth enamel.

The road to a beautiful, healthy-looking smile is as simple as scheduling a cosmetic dentistry consultation. At your consultation, we welcome you to discuss how you would like to see your smile improved. Based on an assessment of your oral health and the current appearance of your smile, Dr. Chang will develop a customized plan that addresses your needs. To reserve your appointment, contact our office today.

+ Tooth-Colored Fillings & Bonding

Instead of noticeable, dark restorations such as metal crowns and amalgam fillings, Dr. Chang can restore broken, decayed, and damaged teeth with tooth-colored fillings made from natural-looking composite resin and crowns made from high-quality porcelain. These types of white restorations are both durable and discrete methods of repairing damaged teeth. Using the same material as tooth-colored fillings, cosmetic bonding involves applying composite resin to teeth to conceal discolorations, chips, and gaps. Bonding composite resin to teeth is a cost effective method of addressing multiple flawed areas of a smile in one office visit.

+ Pediatric Care

Children should visit a dentist by their first birthday. An infant’s first examination involves looking for any developmental abnormalities that may occur on the palate, the eruption of teeth, and the alignment of a child’s bite. Once children reach the age of four or five, they should begin receiving regular cleanings and bi-annual checkups. These formative years are imperative for establishing the ground work for proper oral hygiene and a healthy opinion of visiting the dentist. Furthermore, school-aged children can receive preventive services beyond a professional cleaning such as fluoride and sealants which help prevent dental caries from forming.

+ Hygiene and Preventative Care

Like children, adults and seniors should receive checkups and cleanings as well. Regular cleanings are paramount to preventing tooth decay and gum disease and oral examinations can reveal a variety of conditions including oral cancer and TMJ disorder. Furthermore, the aging process and hormonal fluctuations throughout life may involve the need for more frequent visits to our office.

Since nearly 99 out of 100 people will receive a cavity at least once in their lifetime, restorative dental work is often a necessity for patients of all ages. Because a tooth cannot self-heal like other parts of the body, restorative dentistry such as a filling or crown is the only way to stop decay from spreading and ultimately damaging a tooth beyond repair. With the advanced techniques and precise tools available to the modern dentist, restorative dentistry offers the benefits of preserving teeth without sacrificing patient comfort.

Placing a priority on patient well-being, our practice welcomes new patients of any age. To schedule an appointment at our inviting, family-friendly practice, contact our office today.

+ Nitrous Oxide or "Laughing Gas"

One of the best techniques for promoting relaxation without the side effects of medication is the use of nitrous oxide gas, which has been used in dentistry for over 100 years. Low levels of nitrous oxide are mixed with oxygen and delivered through a comfortable appliance that fits over the patient’s nose. The euphoric and relaxing effects of nitrous oxide work quickly and help reduce discomfort and anxiety without the lasting effects of stronger anesthetics. After the procedure is completed and the mask is removed, the sedative effects quickly wear off and patients feel fully alert. In most cases, patients are able to drive after receiving this type of anesthetic.

+ Oral Sedatives

For patients with difficulty managing anxiety related to dental phobias or patients undergoing lengthy procedures, Dr. Chang may prescribe a sedative medication such as Ativan or Valium. These medications are normally taken orally prior to a patient’s appointment. Medications like Valium or Ativan belong to a family of mild sedatives called benzodiazepines which relax the body and central nervous system through the GABA receptors in the brain. Unlike nitrous oxide, benzodiazepines have longer lasting effects and can impair motor and cognitive functions. For this reason, patients prescribed anti-anxiety medication for their dental procedure should arrange for a friend or family member to take them to and from their appointment.

While this type of sedation can help many anxious patients, it is not right for everyone—especially patients with certain medical conditions. If you have trouble with dental anxiety, consider discussing this option and your overall health with your dentist so that he can determine the best methods to ensure your comfort.

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